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Contemporary Circus & Juggling at present.

FACES 臉 ”  Blind & Colorful “

Expressive acts during a human mutation

36浩均 曾 copy

97浩均 曾 copy

he Circus performer draws facets of a human being and their invented spirits.
FACES臉 expresses different visions of life through a one-man fast metamorphosis.
Dynamic feelings, dynamic gears, dynamic personalities, dynamic stories, dynamic
sounds, dynamic connections with the audience…
There is a well claimed hommage to cinema. Cassavetes on one side. Tsai Ming-liang (蔡明亮) on the other. Valentin Lechat allow himself be inhabited by demons and familiar spirits from the taiwanese culture.
FACES 臉 takes some of its inspiration from inside cinema, artists’ works, juggling history references, different
cultural influences, to create his own, sharing a certain vision of Humankind.

FACES first version has been created in Asia TAIWAN and JAPAN in 2011. It has been evolved since its build up, upgraded to many versions, has been performed more than 1000 times for milions of people this last 5 years while been in spectacle – residence in one of the most popular cultural spot in Taipei center Huashan 1914 Cultural Park in perpetual rebirth each time it plays.

Dance, physical acting, object theatre, visual art, humor, music, and juggling made they’re coming out from inside the circus dedicated space.
Through this medium, the performer embodies sort of creatures… Surfs on the elements… Juggles unexpectedness,
move all shapes… Plays with life and death as if we were just awake from a dream looking for another dream… He leads us in a journey like a friendly pilot through a
galaxy of ephemeral spirits into the layers of everyone’s realities….. .. . . . . …

I am in love with contemporary circus and poetry of public space — audience, this show is my life, every weekend I perform in Taipei, the show takes inspiration from the Contemporary Circus, cinema, metaphors​ but​ also​ has been influenced by Asia atmosphere,​ qigong​​, and Taoist cultural.
It is very interactive​, active -reactive, funny, poetical, the juggling is innovating​ unique and theatrical​​, ​movement ​straightly expresses​​ inner​ feelings​, mental images​.

All the artwork was created ​by years of labor​ and play​​ful interaction with my raw material​ and audience.
Valentin LECHAT

Show information


Director: Valentin Lechat
Performer: Valentin Lechat
Stage design: Valentin Lechat
Conception costumes: Valentin Lechat
Costume design: Ms Zhou, Celma Jonker & Valentin Lechat
Conception Transformation Construction Objects: Valentin Lechat
Graphisme design: I-An Chen & Valentin Lechat
Soundtrack remixed by Valentin Lechat
Advicers: Jérôme Thomas

Support from DONDORO theatre, 華山1914文創園區, Bureau Français de Taipei, 臺北市政府文化局
A THUNAR The UNited ARtists production

2017: 189 shows [version 2.7 to 2.8] (Taiwan, France)
2016: 227 shows [version 2.5 to 2.7] (Taiwan, Portugal)
2015: 272 shows [version 2.3 to 2.5] (Taiwan)
2014: 218 shows [version 2.2 to 2.3] (Taiwan, South Korea)
2013: 287 shows [version 1.8 to 2.2] (Taiwan)

Special thanks to Takeshi Kitano, John Cassavetes, Quentin Dupieux, Bobby May, Francis Brunn, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Alfred Hitchcock, Hoichi Okamoto, Ilka Schönbein, Johann Le Guillerm, Tsaï Ming Liang, Jean Pierre Leaud, Orson Welles, Michael Moschen, Karl Heinz Ziethen, Jérôme Thomas, Jay Gilligan, Céline Bacque, Jeff Calafato, I-An Chen, Anjani Lechat…

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FACES 臉 under sky // Aug 13
Festival Folkwelt 2017 / Les Echelles / FRANCE
FACES 臉 under sky // July 29
Traditional Wedding / Aire-sur-l’Adour / FRANCE
FACES 臉 under sky // May 20 & 21
2017親子藝術節 / Taichung 台中 / Taiwan
FACES 臉 under sky // permanent 2017 Sat, Sun, Holidays
華山1914文化創意產業園區 Huashan 1914 Creative Park / Taipei 台北 / Taiwan


FACES 臉 under sky // Nov 18
POW! WOW! Taiwan / TAF 空總創新基地 / Taipei 台北 / Taiwan
FACES 臉 under sky // Nov 12
with Anjani LECHAT / 「愛上新店」 / Xindian 新店 / Taiwan
FACES 臉 under sky // May 20 & 21
Mais Imaginarius – International street theatre festival of Santa Maria da Feira / 葡萄牙 Portugal




= Tasoyuan Hsu
= 劉軒銘
Imaginarius santa maria da Feira
= Jay Oh
= 陳輝明
= 林傑正
= River Nightlight
= 陳慕帆
= Chris Lanning
= 廖文瑄

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