Delivrænce 9

Science Fiction Odessa
Cosmic Contemporary Circus X Imaginary Alive Music X Hybrid Lights Systems


We do not absolutely belong to the earth. Different worlds exist in our imagination.
Our blood like water like elements opens in infinite universes.
Constructed as a vision from a musician perspective, we follow an evolution of a human being through a spatiotemporal window.
Time is unknown, location is unknown. Science fiction. Projection. Evolution & fundamentals.
Imagination optimum from hybrid objects, passion opened, self-confidence with the outer space.
A humanist futuristic Odessa where there is no robotic plugs inside the body, where rituals, plays,
metamorphoses, breathings, fusions, space traveling, power magic still effective and beauty.


Conception, Director, and performer: Valentin Lechat
Musical creation and performance: Arnaud Lechat
Lighting device design performance: Alexis Mailles
Costume Designer: Celma Jonker
Visual Design: Pegasus I-An Chen

● Length 30+
● all audiences all origins

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