THe UNited ARtists THUNAR

A space where wild beings, nomads, poets, human feelings, and impalpable forces live together by exchanging experiences, deep knowledge — experiment and create. THUNAR’s (THe UNited ARtists) action is to connect with the culture in which its meshes, the world tilted, in a mirror of identities, by a imaginary dimensions. THUNAR crew has humanist skills and rather unusual specialists, independent points of view, its functioning outboard of sad camouflage of killing, we must avoid falling prey of extinction … as far from wanting to fire using mortars FXZZ-164 on civilians’ brain because it is almost floating.

VL founded  THe UNited ARtists THUNAR  company while moving for Asia in 2005.

THUNAR is as an almost big corporation plagiarism, in a sense of being an incommensurable Universe where nothing is settled forever – where everything can happen.
THUNAR gathers Valentin LECHAT‘s artworks and his collaborations.

valentin lechat 陳星樂