Metamorphosis Under Storm

“- M.U.S. – Metamorphosis Under Storm -” 


Juggling Art & Dance-theater

Metamorphosis Under Storm 2006 – 2009
Performed in Macau, HK, Japan, Taiwan, France over 200 times

¬ Performer: Valentin LECHAT
˚ Private venues, Hotels, Streets, Music concerts, Art Galleries, Festivals…

A masked spirit dressed in kimonos roams, the bolt from the blue. He stops the walk, seems to be attracted by some mystical forces. The spirit starts metamorphosis, undress his carapaces until showed a white skin, as a ritual of birth he delivers some white balls from his body. MUs opens his interior substance (balls) to the unknown world around him in an evolutive offered dance. Step by step the spirit becomes a human being, it starts to express his humanity, his relationship with the environment and people around. But, yet, the ghost forces will call him back to return to the erratic life toward other spheres.
Objects have the reflects of the humans, humans are reflected in the objects, and natural elements make appear all their lost spirits.



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